Increasingly, schools are using online resources and interaction to support student learning. Even educators with excellent face-to-face facilitation skills are likely to confront a significant learning curve in transferring these skills to the online environment. Online Learning educators facilitate and engage students across a range of conversational spaces, including online discussion forums, chat rooms, wikis and blogs, for debate and shared knowledge construction.
Trained online facilitators are also able to make appropriate choices concerning the use of online communication within the design of learning activities. While several online facilitation courses already exist, these are not easily available to educators in African more precisely Ghanaian educational institutions.
In response to this need, we have developed Extra School Learning environment in short X-SchoolGh, an online facilitation subjects and courses as an Open Educational Resource for teaching students from all over the nation and online Educational community for getting students to share, discuss ideas and more importantly ask questions. The online course resources in this platform are freely available once users get access to this environment.

Who We Are

Realizing that Technology at its peak and rapid evolvement, In our part of the world we need to put it to work and benefit from it in so many ways more precisely in Education where our Dear Nation is still trying so hard to build for the betterment of the future of this Great nation. Looking at the aspects of the opportunities technology brings to us in this nation the difficulty in integrating it to a higher height in education is felt. Instead the chances we get as students are to use these facilities to engage in social networking and other entertaining forms which are not bad things if used in the right direction. But lets us all be very honest with ourselves that most often than not, students are so much involved in social networking than they should be.
This is actually not their fault but the lack of alternate means of getting them involved using technology in education or Educational Technology, this sad remarks brought about X-SchoolGh to help students after school understand some few concept that were overlooked during the physical classroom and get them more involved in learning where they can actually express their Educational experiences by asking questions either pertaining to the notes Online facilitators have made and published to them or their own questions.
X-SchoolGh is an E-Learning platform in the Ghanaian society Powered by EDCARTECH IT SOLUTIONS. This platform’s keen interest is to create a conducive extra learning environment for Students all over the country to add up to their previous knowledge from their various schools after they come back from school when they feel not too tired and willing to have fun online with social networks which is supposed to connect them with their friends, instead having a little look here will not be a bad idea for them at all.

Our Mission

X-SchoolGh E-Learning community is made up of Graduate professional Teachers who are willing to sacrifice their extra time and continue with their good Job of educating learners throughout the Nation. They have as mandate to provide students throughout the nation with powerful knowledge and skills they cannot easily get from elsewhere.
Our satisfactions are to see students on this platform testifying that X-SchoolGh contributed meaningfully to his/her success during their Final Examinations being it West African Senior Secondary Examination (WASSCE) or Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and this platform is really determine to see this happen.

Our Vision

X-SchoolGh E-Learning will not stop this wonderful services it provides to its users until it seeks to educate the last standing Ghanaian Learner who has the ability to involve in social networking and willing to meet great qualified facilitators they will not have chance to see in this world because of their unique skills in education.

How does X-SchoolGh Works?

This wonderful platform is a protected environment which can be accessed with a secure combination of a Username and a Password for a limited access. apart from being a user you might be subjected to purchase some courses which are not free of charge but of course most of them are for free.

skills needed to access the system.

The technical skills needed for this system include basic word processing, sending and receiving emails with attachments, web searches, opening Internet sites and downloading online resources. If you currently lack these skills, then we kindly suggest that you learn them first before you join the X-SchoolGh Community.

Our Renowned Stuff Of Qualified Instructors.

What People Say

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Currently this platform is not sponsored or supported financially. but with the help of these societies this platform had the light of the day.

Training for Instructors

We take interested instructors through careful training to make sure they understand and have the skills to produce contents on this platform to students

Our Last Words

The Best Preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.