Let's take a quick look at how you can start learning here.

From The Top Menu Click On TOPICS

X-SchoolGh is a platform that brings you various forms of learning materials and if you are here as a student this is the one most important part of the platform you can not afford to miss out so study carefully haw to access topics and meet with some instructors real time for more lessons, questions and discussions. Quickly click on the TOPICS in the menu section, on your mobile phone access the menu from the three black horizontal line at the top right corner

Selecting of TOPICS

At this point all the TOPICS will be listed and after searching through to select the right one for your self all you need to do is to click on the title   as shown in the next image and move to the next level where you will be given the details of the topic you have selected

TOPICS Overview and Description

Now you are about to have access to the topic and it’s various units, but not so fast. If this is you first time accessing this topic you need to enroll onto the topic before you have access to it, and enrolling requires you to be a user of the platform. so to become a user you need to register by clicking on the Login/Register from the menu section. If ready with the above just click on the unit you want to view.

Start Learning Now

Technically you are done with the hard part, all you need to do now is to play or open the materials you want to learn and there you go. enjoy every bit of this opportunity and if you feel like asking any questions just go to the comment section, [4] type your question and submit it with the button below. The instructor of any online friend of yours can answer you.


You will be invited by instructors to participate in real time online classroom lesson or discussions.

A link will be posted in a table form that will contain the details of the Zoom Class. All you need to do is to click on the Join link depending on your device and join the class at the prescribed time, you will be given the password bellow the table in case you don’t have direct access to the classroom.